Gifted Sessions 002a: Music Business Transformed, Zombies and How To Be Yourself with Julie Adenuga

Welcome to this Gifted Podcast Session where I talk with Julie Adenuga about her ascension in being a drivetime presenter, what makes a good music track and the difference between insanity and genius.

“I am the only person that is in control of what I do”

Julie also reveals:

  • What would make her cry if she closed her eyesJulie Adenuga - I Have A Gift
  • The unusual way she listens to new music
  • How Kanye West doesn’t make her feel like he’s famous
  • Why you can’t fault people for being themselves
  • The 2 sides to why people in music transition into fashion
  • Plus much more

Links & Refrences mentioned in this session:


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* Photo Courtesy of Guillaume Kayacan