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We receive very minimal outside funding so we prefer to partner with amazing individuals and organisations in order to keep impacting young people across the UK.

Interactive Workshops

We provide specialist workshops to help provide young people with increased knowledge, skills and understanding which will enable them to make a more full and active contribution to society at large.

The Gifted Podcast

Our podcast features successful guests from all walks of life, as a source of inspiration for those who wish to embark on similar paths


We believe that everyone has a gift and it just takes a little support to harness that gift.

That's why we partner with some of the leading experts in their respective fields to publish valuable content and resources that anyone can use to succeed.

Who Are We?

Founded by Shola Oyedele & Lionel Morgan, 2 ex professional footballers, I Have A Gift is a charity with a mission to empower young people to harness their gifts and achieve more regardless of their circumstances.

Our amazing workshops are led by a team of ex-professional footballers so we use sport as a catalyst for enhanced interaction and development.

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"I wish more people would realise that not every young person is the same and maybe a few of them would rather do something unconventional"

Shola Oyedele

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