Gifted Sessions 002b: Strip Shows, Why No One Cares & The McJamie?

Welcome to part 2 of this Gifted Podcast Session where I continue my discussion with Julie Adenuga. This time we speak about how no one cares, what she learned to proactively do and why flying the flag for a particular cause doesn’t necessarily help the cause.

“If I had the power, I would give up the ability to be complacent about things”

Julie also shares:

  • What would ruin her whole radio show
  • How she feels about female under-representaion in the presenting field Julie Adenuga ii I Have A Gift
  • The reason why she has a vegan diet
  • The real reason humans eat meat
  • How to really eat a McDonalds cheeseburger
  • How to get what you actually want by first DEFINING what you want
  • Plus other random stuff

Links & References mentioned in this session


Listen to Part 1 of this interview here


* Photo Courtesy of Samuel Awuku