Welcome to this Gifted Podcast Session where I talk to the brains and beauty behind 20 Something, Portia Freno, about black films, the justice system and her love for writing.

“they saw some of my images and expected one thing but when they came to my blog, it kinda took them to a whole new world”

Portia also shares:

  • Why she felt she didn’t quite fit in
  • How she still gets stage frightPortia Freno
  • How she first got into modelling
  • How she was once turned down for being too pretty
  • Why she advises young people to stick to sport
  • Why it’s not in the best interest of certain people to make the world crime free
  • Why you don’t need to rely on the media to accept you
  • What makes her get nervous
  • Why her Mum called her a snob – “not in a bad way”
  • Plus much more

Links and resources mention in this session:

Every session, I like to include quotes from our guests here in the show notes. There is one above and a couple of my other favourites include:

“We did not start in slavery”

 “We don’t have enough of our stories being told, the films out there are always the same and are not varied enough”

 “We can do so much more as a collective”

“We need to maintain that face to face communication”

“Kids need to know that they were Kings & Queens, they need to know how powerful they were, are and can be”

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