Gifted Sessions 005: Strategic Young People, Adapa Training & How To Start Anything with Neema Williams

Welcome to this Gifted Podcast Session where I talk to Neema Williams who shares the highs and lows of running a business, why tottenham people are fighters and the war mentality.

” as a society, sometimes we see our strengths as our weaknesses”

Neema also shares:

  • Why youths are more driven nowadays
  • Why Tottenham is a key area in London
  • Why it’s important to embrace young people from Tottenham
  • Her reason for starting Adapa Training
  • What happened when Haringey council discovered what she was doing
  • The difficulty in getting recognition
  • What happened when she turned 21
  • Why she had to go out and get a degree
  • The side of business that entrepreneurs don’t show
  • Who inspires her and why
  • Plus much more

Links and references mention in this session:

Every session, I like to include quotes from our guests here in the show notes. There is one above and a couple of my other favourites include:

“You learn a lot growing up in Tottenham and you grow up quickly”

“I’m quite good at picking myself up”

“I always wanted to govern how I work”

” I always have time for young people”