Welcome to this Gifted Podcast Session where I talk to Matt Stevenson-Dodd of Street League about the incredible work the are doing with young people using Football, why he decided to be a social entrepreneur and what gave him sleepless nights.

“when you grow up in an affluent country like England, you don’t really understand what real poverty is until you actually see it”

Matt also shares:

  • Why he wanted to be a policeman when growing up
  • What he used to sell in the school playgroundIMG_2209-224x300
  • Why he didn’t just want to make money for other people
  • What grounded him and continues to ground him
  • Why mistakes are a good and healthy part of business
  • Why it’s important for people to tackle social problems in an entrepreneurial way
  • What his vision was when he joined Street League in 2010
  • Why he moved from a participation model to an outcomes based model
  • Plus much more


Links and resources mention in this session:

Every session, I like to include quotes from our guests here in the show notes. There is one above and a couple of my other favourites include:

“It’s strange that you get into trouble for entrepreneurial ability just because you don’t conform”

“I’m an activist and a pragmatist”

“Everybody deserves a chance and an opportunity to do something with their lives”

“I don’t really like to employ people who haven’t seen how bad it can get”

“4 out of 5 people leaving our academy go into jobs or training”


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