Gifted Sessions 003: Survival Instincts, Ethnic Diversity & Football Celebrations with Leon Mann

Welcome to this Gifted Podcast Session where I talk to Leon Mann about his journey in sports media, how he got started with no media experience and why he does’t like to focus on the problems in the community.

“I was a young black man sitting in a room of powerful white people so I had to make impact and deliver a message that came direct from communities”

Leon also reveals:

  • How he handled being called a coconut
  • The self policing that occurred in school when people were racistLeon Mann - I Have A Gift
  • The real reason why he joined Kick It Out
  • How it felt to negotiate at the table with Sepp Blatter
  • How he felt when the risks that he took payed off
  • Why and how to think about being the next leaders of our generation
  • The one thing that will enable you to get more out of people
  • What he thought the legacy of the London 2012 should have encouraged
  • Plus much more
Links and references mentioned in this session: