How Investing In A T-Shirt Today Can Help Us Empower More Young People Tomorrow

Discover how we empower young people to harness their individual gifts and make a more impactful contribution to society - using the proceeds from your purchase!

As a Charity, we receive no government or outside funding to do our work. Everything we do is self-funded by our founder.... so we have to be creative.

We believe that everyone should receive something directly in return for supporting causes that are close to them.

That's why we will use all the profits from the t-shirt you purchase to continue the work we do.

Think of it as getting a FREE t-shirt for donating to charity.

So even if you don't think you 'Have A Gift' (everyone does by the way) then think of someone close to you who does and "Gift" it to them.

Meet the Founder

Shola Oyedele

As an ex-professional footballer, Shola Oyedele launched 'I Have A Gift' in 2011 to help young people from underprivileged communities to reach their potential. With the help and support of his football peers, they deliver interactive workshops covering anti-gang, empowerment and citizenship so young people can make a more impactful contribution to society.

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Please allow 3-5 working days for your t-shirts to be delivered.