Welcome to this Gifted Podcast Session where I talk to the head of Go Think Big, Tokunbo Ajasa-Oluwa, about growing up in unprivileged circumstances , honing his craft and taking massive action.

“even though Hackney was notorious for the murder mile and other gun crime hotspots, it was also a place you could go to for inspiration and creativity”

Tokunbo also shares:

  • What is was like to have crime on his doorstep
  • What drove his ambition when he was growing upIMG_1482-1024x575
  • How his siblings inspired him
  • The most fulfilling part of the work he does
  • What the generation of today are most in love with
  • Why you must focus on self development
  • How to learn from not getting the break that you want
  • How to decide whether to keep going and when to move on
  • Plus much more

Links and resources mention in this session:

Every session, I like to include quotes from our guests here in the show notes. There is one above and a couple of my other favourites include:

“The east London fabric was all about making a lot with a little”

 “I was brought up in a strong family home where ambition and aspiration were driven home”

 “I’ve always been someone that likes to prove people wrong”

“There is a cluster of young people who I’m inspired by that don’t wait for permission”

“You can’t get away from the hard work and you can’t get away from the graft”

“There were a number of different mentors and elders who threw down the ladder for me”


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