How To Achieve Higher Quality PSHE and Citizenship Outcomes Within Your School - For Free!

  • Freedom Of Speech

    How to provide your pupils with the knowledge and skills to enhance their contribution to society.

  • Independent Thinking

    How to ensure your pupils feel confident discussing current affairs such as immigration and British values.

  • Summative Assessments

    A simple way to summarise where your pupils are and get a snap-shot of what has been learned at each stage.

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"I was very impressed with how well the facilitators from I Have a Gift engaged the students in meaningful and reflective discussions. By using visual images, football analogies and physical activities they kept the students who are usually very disruptive, focused and on track.

The facilitators showed the students that can manage their own behaviour and I learnt that as adults we often get involved rather than just allowing a ‘situation’ to play itself out.  I would definitely use the team again to work with both students and staff."