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I Have A Gift is a charity with a mission to empower young people to harness their gifts and achieve more regardless of their circumstances

Founded by Shola Oyedele & Lionel Morgan, 2 ex-professional footballers, I Have A Gift was initially created out of frustration more than anything as Shola could not find a suitable local charity to volunteer his services after growing up in a deprived environment. He partnered with Lionel who had a similar experience growing up

I Have A Gift also provides workshops and accredited courses with the chief aim of working with young people to succeed. Mentoring support is also provided to the youths after they have completed their courses to assist them with securing job placements and/or furthering their career progression in the relative completed course.

Shola Oyedele 

Shola is one of the co-founders of I Have A Gift

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Lionel Morgan

Lionel is one of the co-founders of I Have A Gift



Osei Sankofa

Osei is a senior consultant at I Have A Gift